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FIVING Boxing Gloves PU Leather

FIVING Boxing Gloves PU Leather

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Punch with Quality and Style

Hit your opponent or the bag with gloves that not only protect your hand but also add a touch of style to your punches, showcasing boxing gloves from another realm of beauty

High Protection: Crafted to shield you during workouts, preventing injuries and discomfort that could hinder your training or sparring sessions

Premium Material Quality: Made with premium materials, providing an incredible sensation to the touch and comfort for extended use. Each training session will feel smooth and comfortable, like striking a pillow

Designed for Comfort and Appearance: These boxing gloves not only cradle your hand in a paradise of comfort with a specially designed structure for prolonged use but are also crafted to exude a professional and beautiful look during your punches. When you strike, you'll appear like a shooting star

Unisex Design with Breathable Palms: Tailored for both men and women, featuring breathable palms for enhanced comfort

Elevate your boxing experience with gloves that blend functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal seamlessly

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